[gardening] Horsford Gardens & Nursery

Saturday we took a trip across the state to Horsford Gardens & Nursery in Charlotte, VT. We had a bit of a late start due to a car appointment I had at 10 am (why does it take 2.5 hours to swap out seasonal tires? WHYYY?) so we actually didn't hit the road until 2pm. We took the "scenic route" on our way there (Warren Mountain > Roxbury Gap > Lincoln Gap) and didn't arrive until 4 pm. The nursery closes at 5pm. And there was SO much to see.

Trip to Horsford Nursery (by way of Lincoln Gap) in Charlotte, VT.

One of the annuals greenhouses:

Annuals greenhouse.

The perennials outside:

So. Many. Perennials.

This whole section I'm standing in and all that stuff on the other side of the road- all perennials. Such an incredible selection. Easily the biggest nursery I've ever been to with the largest selection. Wish they offered smaller $5 pots rather than the 2-year $15 pots. I never know (a) what the woodchucks are going to eat, (b) what's going to survive at my elevation, so I'd rather not invest $15 per plant. But. That didn't stop me from getting a wagon full of new stuff:

Our haul. Two fruit trees, shrub, new perennials.

Two fruit trees, a chokeberry shrub, lots of sedum and and other perennials. Now I have to plant them all!

And speaking of gardening, the Hanover Garden Club plant sale is coming up: Saturday, May 20, 9am - 12pm. I love love love love getting plants here- little pots that are only $2 or $3. I've gotten SO many plants here that are thriving at my house. And a few things that didn't work out, so I've only lost a few bucks. This is so worth attending if you live local.

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