[gardening] Late April flowers

It's still early spring in VT. My hot pink primrose just started blooming yesterday:

Love this pink primrose. Will divide this year.

The hyacinths aren't very robust but they are multiplying.

Not particularly robust hyacinths but def multiplying.

I've been weeding a bit around the sempervivium:



I think I'm going to try something with the whiskey barrel and sempervivium down in the lower flower bed this year.

Fritillaria bulb that I planted last fall starting to skyrocket:

Fritillaria bulb planted last fall. Can't wait to see it blooming! #fritillaria

Cannot WAIT to see this thing bloom. I also put in many allium blubs that are starting to come up as well.

In terms of wild foraging, I checked out my secret cache of ramps down by the brook:

Ramps. Should be good picking in a week or two.

Oooooo eeeee, once these are nice and big, then I'll head up the mountain to pick from the sea of ramps.

And rhubarb:


Yuck, right? I've never caught rhubarb this early in the season before- just coming out of the ground. The leaves look like brains... popping out of red pods... I don't know. But this patch/spot of rhubarb has been on the property since my great grandmother was alive. I love the fact that it's still around (and didn't get covered up my boulders when the house foundation was being put it).

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