[books] 5 Colleges Book Sale

Went to the 5 Colleges Book Sale on Saturday. Didn't get there until 10am and I think this is better than getting there early, waiting in line, pushing/shoving. The craziest people have dispersed by then but the book selections are still good. I found so many crafting and cookbooks.

I didn't get this one but couldn't help giggling:

1980's Cookin' Healthy with One Foot Out the Door cookbook. Pretty sure the woman on the cover is reheating a sack of tacos for her kids at 8:45 at night. #5collegesbooksale

Cookin' Healthy with One Foot Out the Door. Sooooo 80's. I'm really feeling for this woman on the cover. Three kids, she's wearing a purse AND holding a soft briefcase under her arm WHILE holding a baby and stirring something. The clock says 8:40 and I'm going to go with PM. There's a brown bag on the counter that says "Taco Caca" so I think all she's mixing up in that bowl is a jar of salsa to go with the takeout. She's wearing a wedding ring but who knows if her husband isn't in the picture because he works 2nd shift. Maybe he's just sitting in the living room wondering where the goddamn supper is. Even the thickest shoulder pads can't alleviate the daily pressure upon this poor woman. I didn't check out the recipes but hopefully the was a special "Vodka" section for working moms.

I saw this book but it looked so laaaaaame:

Laaaaaaame! #5collegesbooksale

You think it's about a baby that can't walk or just isn't cool?

I did end up getting this one:

How can I not get this book? #5collegesbooksale

With a title like that, how could I not?

I did get a few cookbooks but mostly stuck with craft books- rug braining, drying plants for wreaths, sashiko, crocheted afghans, cross stitch pattern pamphlet for a Monopoly board (can create a customized board now!), cross-stitch alphabets, a few DVDs, maps, etc.

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