[vermont] Rainbow

Yesterday evening:

All the way across the sky rainbow 🌈 #vermont

That's rainbow ridge over there. Whenever we get light rain and sunshine, there's always a rainbow to the east. We were on our way to dinner when I looked over and saw the complete arch over one of the wild apple trees. You can see a faint 2nd rainbow above the more vibrant one. 

I'm glad that the weather has warmed and I was able to spend some time outside, cleaning up flower beds. Some crocuses on the front lawn are the only things blooming at the moment:

Crocuses on the front lawn blooming. #vermont


Continuing to clean up flower beds and paw around, inspecting early growth. Crocuses are still the only things blooming.

As I was clearing away old, dead growth, I was surprised at how much green I saw coming up.

Irises, everywhere:

Irises for days and days.

These hyacinths I found hiding under some old catmint foliage:

Worked on cleaning up flower beds this afternoon. Found these hyacinths hiding under old catmint foliage.

Early stages of what will be 5+ foot tall delphinium this summer:

The (very) early stages of 5ft tall delphinium.

Daylilies are coming. I couldn't resist getting some daffodils and tulips to put out front near grape hyacinths. In the shade bed behind the house, the snow has only just melted but hostas and bleeding hearts and primula are coming. I'm cutting back (hopefully not too much) shrubs and old perennials. It's nice to be working outside again. 

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