[gardening] Daffodils

I couldn't resist getting some spring bulbs last week. 

Tiny little daffodils that I put in a few days ago. Will probably make a later appearance next year.

I planted some daffodil bulbs many years ago on the lower lawn, with the hope that they would naturalize and spread and my lawn could eventually be a mass of daffodils until we mowed for the first time of the year. But they eventually just petered out after a few years.

So I bought some more and put then in the front flowerbed, along with some tulips. (This all just reminds me of the tulip bulbs I tried to bring home from Holland last fall but where confiscated by US Customs... #neverforget.)

I have a few random bulbs that I planted last fall coming up in the lower flower bed. Maybe allium? I can't remember.

It's almost friiiiidddaaaayyyy. 

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