[knitting] Fiesta Bag Finished

Finished the Fiesta Bag (pattern by Lucy Neatby):

#fiestabag finished! Straps attached, ends sewn in, washed and blocking around a couple tall coffee canisters. #ravellenics2016 #knitting #knitbags

Completed at about noon on Sunday. I made the two-color garter border around the top only 6 stitches wide, because I was quickly running out of yellow yarn and I needed enough for two straps. Once the straps were attached and the ends woven in, I took the bag around the house and started inserting boxes of various sizes, to see what I could use to block it. Turns out two tall, brick-shaped coffee canisters worked.

More angles of the #fiestabag. 👜 #knitting #ravellenics2016

I used leftover fingering-weight yarn and US 1 and US 2 needles. The bag is roughly 10 inches square in the front, about 2 inches deep.

The pattern was great and the knitting was fun. Took pretty much one week to knit, even with a couple evenings off. Never a dull moment with this pattern- once you start to get bored with one thing, there's a new stitch/technique to do. Would definitely make this pattern again with a more colorful worsted-weight yarn.

Still trying to get all my ducks in a row for the fair. All the squares are joined for my aran afghan. Just need to figure out how to knit on the cabled border, rather than knitting it separate and sewing it on. I feel like I've woven in 2000 ends just to join the 16 squares. I'm done sewing.

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gayle said...

That is a seriously cool bag!