[knitting] Freia Freya Finished

The gradient shawl is finished!

Freia Freya

The original free pattern is here (Rav link): Freya Shawl but I used this user's interpretation of the pattern. The version I did has fewer repeats that the original.

Here it is, fresh off the needles:

Gradient shawl is off the needles. 4,000,000 beads (approximately) used for the bind-off. #knitting #laceknitting #shawlknitting

And blocking:

Blocking... #knitting #laceknitting #shawlknitting #gradientknitting

The yarn is Freia Ombre Lace, one ball, in the Flare colorway. I extended the pattern a bit, to use as much of the yarn as possible. I purchased this yarn in Alexandria, VA and it was a rather spendy yarn (for me). I did a LOT of research on Ravelry, searching for shawl projects that were tagged with "ombre" and "gradient".

I settled on this Freya pattern. It seemed like fate- Freia yarn. Freya pattern. The only thing I didn't particularly like is that the pattern is written and I much prefer charts. But once you do a pattern repeat and read your knitting to understand the flow, it was easy.

As for the needles I used, I started with my new Ferrari of needles: Signature Needle Arts in US 6. I feel like a blasphemer here but I had to change out to use Knit Picks Options. I swear. The stitches were snagging on the metal joins of the Signatures as I tried to slide them across from the cable to the needle. The Knit Picks have smoother joins. Knitting literally went from frustrating to a breeze after switching. It's like if someone gives you a can of Russian caviar and you try it, then you're like, "You know what? Imma just go back to my Cheez Doodles."

In this case, the Knit Picks outperformed Signature Needle Arts for me. It's... reassuring and disappointing at the same time. Makes me want to buy a set of KP Options in a different color wood. I could buy an interchangeable set for what one SNA needle (plus one cable) cost me.

Anyway... As for the bind off, I did a super stretchy bind off with one bead for every stitch. I'm not sure how many hundreds of beads I used, bit it's from a tin of never ending, magic beads.

Freia Freya

I used these beads in a Swallowtail Shawl. I used this beads for a pair of socks. These beads go with everything. I think I have less than 100 left in the tin and it makes me a little sad.

Freia Freya

Overall, great shawl. Happy with how the color progresses with the pattern. Like the added drape/weight from the beads. Not a very deep shawl bit it's long and wraps around the shoulders nicely. Can't wait to wear it this fall!


cristina said...

It is absolutely gorgeous! What a piece of art!

Hannah J. said...

Wow! Amy, that is stunning. I predict it will win Best in Show at Tunbridge.