[cooking] Loco Moco

Last Friday someone in a Rav group mentioned Loco Moco, a Hawaiian fusion dish of rice, hamburger patty, gravy, egg. I quickly became obsessed with the idea and bought the necessary ingredient. And so, Sunday night dinner was:


Sticky rice, hamburger patty (was just ground beef, salt, pepper, dashes of Worcestershire sauce), thinly sliced onions sauteed along side the hamburgers, brown gravy, sunny-side-up egg, minced arugula. Stack it all up. It. Was. Fantastic. Definitely heavy, comfort food but it was gone in minutes. We loved it. I wasn't so sure gravy would make sense with rice but... yeah. It does.

My knitting is progressing. Finished the beaded bind-off on the shawl- plan to wash/block it today. Started a little baby sweater last night for my niece.

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