[gardening] What's Blooming in August

Surprise daylilies:

Huh. Don't remember planting these. What a nice surprise! #gardeningproblems

I don't remember planting these but they are an awesome coral color and the flowers are very large. I saw them and thought they were another clump of common orange, so I was very pleased when I saw them.

A couple of the new hybrids I got from Hold'n Heaven. Secret of Contentment:

One of the new daylilies from Hold'n Heaven called Secret of Contentment. Love the crazy frilly edges. #gardening #daylilies #holdnheaven #secretofcontentment

Shores of Time:

#shoresoftime #daylilies #gardening

I love their frilly edges!

A small, late summer daylily from Ollallie:

Petite red #daylily. ❤️❤️❤️❤️


#echinacea #gardening


My only #rudbeckia to survive the woodchucks. 🌻🐻🐻🐻

Happy to get a few blossoms from those, considering the woodchucks really devoured them in the late spring/early summer.

I bought a bag of mixed-color gladiolus and panted them in the spring of 2015. I got some flowers and then left everything in the ground over the winter. I read that you need to pull the bulbs in the fall, let them dry and then replant them in the spring. Which is, frankly, too much work for this lazy gardener. Thinking that they wouldn't come back, I ripped up all the stems and bulbs when I cleaned the beds this spring. But. A few bulbs apparently remained and grew. I've been letting them quietly do their thing all summer until finally:

I ripped up all the dead gladiolus this spring, thinking they'd not come back. Turns out a few did. Didn't know what color this would be- so happy to see it will be white! πŸ‘»

It's going to be white! You can see a couple more stalks behind this one. The blossoms popped open:


The others ended up pink:


So now I think I'll just let the stalks die and then remove the dead vegetation in the spring, rather than pulling up any bulbs.

And finally (FINALLY) my Asiatic lilies:

Asiatic lilies finally popped opened today!! They smell so gooooood!!! πŸŒΊπŸ’¨πŸ˜Œ

This is from a sack of bulbs that I planted in spring 2015. I think I only had a couple blossoms last year. This year, there are a couple more. They. Smell. Fabulous. So fragrant. I planted them behind the deck (part shade). When I open a couple living room windows and get a nice cross breeze, the smell wafts inside and it makes me so happy.

Looking down on the patch from the deck:

Asiatic lilies

I hope it grows and spreads like mad.

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