[knitting] Eco vest

The next baby garment I made was a Julian Vest:

Natural vest

It's a vest, so it has to be easier than a sweater, right? Wrong. This thing had 4x the amount of yarn ends to sew in. It's knit in the round but then split for the v-neck. New yarn added for the other shoulder. Then the ribbed neck band and each arm opening. By the time I finished it and saw all the ends to weave in like a bowl of spaghetti, I just said, "Yeah okay I'll finish it but never again."

The back:

Cotton Vest

The yarn is (now discontinued) Red Heart Eco-blend, a recycled cotton yarn. The vest should get softer the more it's washed and worn. And I hope it's washed/worn a lot because did I mention how many ends I had to sew in?

There's so much I've been enjoying about knitting these small things. They're quick, all the patterns have been free, use such small amounts of yarn (and I've been using stash yarn) and I get to start using up buttons in my button stash.

Vest buttons

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