[knitting] Cotton Boucle Baby Blanket

Back to baby stuff, because I still have a few more things to show.

My favorite piece was this blanket:

Boucle blanket

Looks boring, no? I had some huge skeins of undyed cotton boucle. I cast on three stitches and increased at the beginning and end of every other row, which creates a nice triangle. When I thought the blanket was large enough diagonally, I decreased at the beginning and end of every other row. Voila, nubbly square blanket.

Then I got a ball of crochet cotton thread and made a frilly little scalloped trim around the whole thing.

Cotton boucle blanket with crochet trim

It's very simple but so sweet and I love the natural colors. Weaving in the big floppy boucle ends presented a problem- they keep coming loose a bit, which make you want to trim them flush with the surface of the fabric, which is just going to make them come loose more and more. I think the baby is just going to have to deal with a couple visible ends.

This blanket is machine washable and if it eventually gets gross and stained (from food and juice and barf), it would take well to being overdyed with a dark color.

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