[vermont] Woodchucks have arrived

Saw this little dirtbag on Saturday:


Was working on my socks in the living room when I heard a commotion outside. Two adult woodchucks tussling and banging into the side of the house. One (female I presume) was gathering dead grass in it's mouth and running back to it's burrow entrance in the rock wall. Building a nice nest, I guess, so it can have 400 little baby woodchucks.

The other starting prowling through the flower beds, looking for food.


I watched it. I know I complain about the woodchucks but I'm trying to take a more blasé attitude toward my annual residents. I'll simply not grow what they eat. I've given up on lupine, coneflower (in the backyard, I do have a spot right in front of the house where the woodchucks haven't come... yet) and a few other things. So this 'chuck walked along front path, eating clovers around the creeping thyme... I realized it was kind of... weeding for me. Huh. Maybe it's Bob Ross influencing me and his love of squirrels and all God's creatures but I'm ready to make peace with these little assholes

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