[misc] Murderface Monday

Waking up from a nap Saturday, late afternoon:

MF waking up from nap.

Murderface tries to decide if he wants to get up with me or stay in bed with Dollar:

MF Sleepy. Ready for more naps.

He chose bed. Quelle surprise.

Was a busy weekend- I didn't have time to hike up the mountain to forage for ramps. Will do that this week sometime or definitely this coming weekend. Had a car appointment on Saturday morning, then grocery shopping. Sunday was "clean all the things" day after working on a new Bob Ross painting. Sunday morning Bob Ross painting is my new favorite thing. Was also a "cook all the things" weekend- homemade hummus, ridiculously good pork shoulder in the crock pot, no-knead bread and disappointingly dry brownies (but even bad brownies are still good).

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