[knitting] SlipStripeSpiral Complete

I finished the qualifying pair of socks for Sock Madness 10:

SlipStripeSpiral socks

The pattern is SlipStripeSpiral on Ravelry. I blocked them, took a picture and submitted them about 6 hours before the deadline. They were accepted and now I wait to be placed on a team.

This was an interesting pattern. The toe, the heel, the bind off were all techniques that I hadn't done before. The third heel wedge that I knit (where the heel meets the leg) is too big. I was meant to stop the heel sooner but I did three complete wedges. When I tried on the socks, I thought the heel was too big and I went back and re-read the pattern. Oops. Well, the socks are too big for me in general anyway so I told Dollar he can have them. These big, glittery, colorful socks. He said he probably wouldn't wear them to work but would be happy to around the house.

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