[misc] Santana Monday

Brought Santana down to the vet on Saturday for a check-up.

Santana at the vet

She actually handles vet visits the best out of all three cats. She mews a little on the drive down and that's it.

Santana at the vet

Last year she was diagnosed with early kidney disease. She's been (mostly) on special food ever since that is high fat and low protein. As such, she's gained 1.5 lbs in the last year. Which isn't ideal because she wasn't underweight to begin with but I think she should stay on this food if it is less taxing on her kidneys. She also had blood drawn but I won't get the results until later this week. That will also tell if the food is helping.

Overall the vet was impressed with how bright and alert and healthy looking she is. Santana came home and slept off the ordeal.

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cristina said...

She's such a brave beauty!