[vermont] Simon Pierce

Went to the bar at Simon Pierce after work on Monday with a friend for some drinks. We had the place to ourselves:

Bar at Simon Pierce

Since this is a glass making, glass specialty, handmade glassy-glass place, there's glass everywhere. The drinking glasses, the light fixtures, the beer tap handles, vases, candle holders- so much glass. Since I can't afford to buy any of it, it's a treat just to drink a fruity cocktail out of one.


After some drinks and charcuterie, we went to browse through the store (while I silently repeated "You break it, you buy it" over and over in my head). Then we went downstairs to see the craftsmen working:

Making glass at Simon Pierce

Making glass at Simon Pierce

The work area is completely open (apart from a railing around it to keep people at a safe distance) and there were three men working. It's nice that they open this up and allow the public to watch and ask questions.

Then we went out onto the back patio that looks out across the raging Ottauquechee River and Quechee Covered Bridge:

Quechee Covered Bridge

Perfect way to spend a Monday afternoon.

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