[knitting] Rose and Thorns Socks - The Beadening

I got a relatively late start to casting-on the next Sock Madness pattern:

Rose and Thorn socks

I say relatively late because the pattern dropped Sunday evening and I cast on 48 hours later. By then, several knitters had completely finished the pair. There are fast knitters in this competition but you're placed on a team according to your own speed, so I'm on the second-to-slowest team (whomp whoooomp).

Anyway, I wound my yarn, strung my beads, watched a couple instructional videos and was able to complete the beaded cast on without incident. I'm ready to join the first hem; then I'll switch out to DPNs and use the same circulars to immediately do the second hem. Best to get them both out of the way at once.

My picture above doesn't show any of that, other than the pre-strung beads. I was pleased to find the match with material I already had in my stash. The yarn is a pretty, ever-so-slightly-semi-solid coral color and the beads are dark copper. When the beads are on the yarn, you might think that they are transparent smokey gray and you can see the yarn through them, but that's the copper-colored core.

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