[knitting] Crown

Finished my Mardis Gras crown this past weekend:


With some gold worsted weight yarn, I swatched on US 6 needles. I tried out bobbles of various sizes, different cables. All the cables were worked in an "O" fashion (with knit stitches in the middle) to create a nice little nest to glue a rhinestone into later. I also did a little purl diamond, for texture, but when the crown was done the spot kind of looked weird without a rhinestone, so I just glued one over it. See the pink rhinestone in the above picture.

This all started because I found a cardboard ring- 19 inches in circumference, 2 inches tall. I measured my swatch and my gauge was 5.5 stitches and 7 rows per inch. Doing the math to figure out how many to cast on and how many rows to knit was easy enough. The plan was to knit stockinette for the inside of the crown, do a couple rounds of purl for a turning edge and do the bobble/cable pattern for the outside of the crown. Then wrap the fabric around the cardboard ring, joining and binding off at the same time.

The crochet trim around the top is from 75 Exquisite Trims in Thread Crochet. I've already used this book twice- it's great. I was flipping through it looking for something "crown-ish" to flourish the top- and I found a trim of CROWNS. So I put crowns on my crown like a clown, yo.


You can't see because I was a little sneaky about not photographing it but the inside hem seriously starts to bias about halfway through the joining. This always happens to me and this is why I don't do many (or any) hemmed things. It gets puckered and unruly.

I've read a couple tips. One is to cast on 10% fewer stitches for the stockinette hem- because it will have a slightly smaller circumference than the outside. This will solve the puckering. I suppose the same effect could be achieved by working the inside hem with a smaller needle- then you wouldn't need to remember about the shortage of interior stitches when you're joining later.

One other thing I've read to to work all the stockinette through the back loop to twist the stitches. It might be worth doing a couple headbands to try to work this out once and for all. Hmmm, yes.

Now that I've wrapped up this crown I can finish up a pair of house slippers. They're bulky and extend up the leg. I'm doing them in all white (because that's the only color of Thick and Quick I had) so I think I'll sew/embroider a design on them after all the knitting is done.

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Ellen Bloom said...

WOW! This crown is spectacular! Nice work! Every few years I try to knit and/or crochet a new Mardi Gras hat for my husband, Larry. I didn't get around to it this year, but your crown is an inspiration for next year!