[gaming] Hive

Dollar and I haven't played too many games this past winter but recently we've been playing a lot of Hive. It's like chess with insects.

Playing a game of Hive

Playing on a bottlecap tray on the couch. (The bottlecaps make it a little hard to see the hexagonal bug tiles in play.) Every bug has it's own ability. The goal is to completely surround your opponent's queen bee. Once you get the hang of how to use the grasshopper's jumping ability or the ant's quick movement, a game can be completed in less than 10 minutes.

I think some editions of the game come with the mosquito and ladybug expansions. I had to purchase these tiles separately and I wouldn't play the game without them. I use one or both every game. I think the pillbug is the only expansion I don't have.

I just searched and there is an android/iphone app for the game if you want to try it that way. It's much cheaper than buying the actual game- but I don't think I'm going to download it. Set up/clean up takes about 15 seconds for this game and I enjoy playing with the actual tiles.

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