[cooking] Quiche

Over the long weekend, I made a double pie crust. I used one half for the top of a chicken pot pie and the other for a quiche.


My quiche game is very good. I use a metal tart pan with a removable base. Because it's shallower than a pie plate, I always form my crust at least a half inch higher than the sides to compensate for shrinkage. I learned this the hard way when I made a pretty crust in this pan to blind bake (with fork pricks and pie weights and everything) and I pulled a big, round shortbread cookie out of the oven. No sides to speak of.

For quiche I usually line the bottom crust with slices of swiss cheese but I only had shredded monterey jack on hand. I layered chopped sauteed baby kale, bacon and red onion. Whisked four eggs with half and half and poured it over everything. Baked at 350 for 45 min. Perfect quiche. It's thin so it's very easy to inhale one slice and go back for seconds immediately.

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