[crafts] Mardi Gras decorations

Working on a new wreath for the entryway:

Mardi Gras

I had an unfinished purple, gold, green deco-mesh wreath. I went to the party store and bought a few beads and feather masks. The little jester is a souvenir that a coworker brought home for me from New Orleans about, oh, 12 years ago. It has been in my office ever since but I thought it would add authenticity to the Mardi Gras theme.

Still working on a knit crown. I baked a couple New Orleans King Cakes last night- and brought one into work. There really isn't a way to decorate a King Cake without the result looking like you were drunk and blindfolded. I've accepted it. I think for next Tuesday, I might try to make an French
galette des rois.

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