[misc] Penny Monday

Busy weekend. Had a shop-til-you-drop day with my sister on Saturday. We drove over to Michael's in Rutland. I was particularly looking for a few new open-back frames for canvas paintings. The frames were so stupidly expensive, I refrained from buying anything else. Including this:

Santa pet costume.

I'll just make one instead. Sure, I was already planning on making a Santa hat (and elf and reindeer hats- I have three cats and they can't ALL be Santa) but I never dreamed of including a beard. Which I will do now.

Sunday was Dollar's birthday. I spend a couple hours in the morning trying to add to the afghan. I sit on my little craft area and endure Penny staring at me:


Staring at me is one of her favorite things to do. Then she crawled into my lap and passed out.


I crocheted along, until I couldn't anymore. When I wrapped her up:

Penny in the afghan

Yes, I smoothed out her whiskers so they would be pointy like that.

For Dollar's birthday dinner, I made roast beef, crab cakes, baked potatoes, steamed broccoli, baked beans and garlic bread (with the last of my precious ramp butter from this past spring). We had a bunch of his family over, so it was a rather big to-do. For dessert, apple pie (before baking):

Dollar's apple pie, before baking

I tried out a couple new stamps on the crust. It's cute but after baking the design was pretty much lost. I'm making two more pies this week- apple and pumpkin to bring to Thanksgiving- then I think I'm done with pie for a while. I can make it in my sleep at this point. I'm all pie'd out. Well... maybe I just need to try making different pies.

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