[knitting] Toast

Simple arm warmers to wear it bed, so my forearms/hands don't get cold when I'm reading (or, you know, playing on my phone):

Arm warmers

The free pattern is called Toast on Ravelry but there really isn't a need for a pattern. I used a sport-weight yarn and cast on 52 stitches on US 4 needles. Knit in the round for 12 inches. Bind off loosely. Make two. That's it. The only hard part was counting up all the rows on the first tube so that I could knit the exact same number for the second.

Because they are tubes, it doesn't matter with which end I pull them on. They reach from my mid forearm to nearly the tip of my thumb. The yarn is 50% alpaca / 50% wool, two ply, from Nightingale Fibers. I purchased two skeins years ago at the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival and these fingerless mitts used all 200 yards of one skein. I plan on making a matching hat with the other skein- I'm just fretting over choosing the perfect pattern.

It appears that these benefit the cats as well. I can pull the sleeve down over my hand and then pet the cats, nose to tail. They loooooooooove it. Now I want to invent a petting glove. Like a catchers mitt, but flat... Wait, I just went to Amazon and they've already been invented. Grooming gloves or grooming mitts. Hm. I still think it's a good idea- just knit one mitten and make it webbed between the thumb and the hand. Best petting aid ever.

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