[misc] Santana Monday

Boo, another weekend gone. Mondays are hard because Santana doesn't want us to go back to work. 

Santana on Sophie's Universe

Friday night I had a friend stay over. We made eggrolls and drank too much. Saturday morning I managed to push down my hangover so that we could attend a Joy of Painting class. Love the painting, as always. When I got back home in the afternoon, I tried to stay awake but had to nap until Dollar roused me to say that the take-out pizza was here. So I ate pizza and went back to sleep. This is why I hardly ever drink- the hangover sucks and I feel like I lose 24 hours to it.

Sunday morning was much better. It was cold but sunny. I usually get up, make coffee, feed the cats and rabbit and go sit on a rug in my craft room. This is my favorite place in the house- it's kind of secluded, I have everything set up within arms reach, I bring up patterns on my laptop (set on a hat box under a table) and listen to podcasts on my phone. The cats come hang out with me here so I try to make little napping spots for them in nooks and crannies between baskets and in bags.

I've gone back to working on the Sophie's Universe crochet blanket (shown above) since I got a bit more yarn in a couple swaps/trades on Ravelry. The rounds are taking much longer now- anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes, depending how much is going on in the round. Looking forward to getting another package of yarn in the mail today!

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