[knitting] Norwegian Star Cap

Here is the other hat to send to the couple that helped pull our car out of a ditch:

Norwegian Star Cap

Pattern is Norwegian Star Cap from Hats On. 

I made the Medium size and it fits my big head fine. The sizes in this book run large (from my experience). I will make this again with a few modifications:

- will cast on 10% fewer stitches for the inside hem of the brim

Even though you work the inside hem on US 4 needs and the main body on US6, I still had some puckering when I joined the hem to the body. 

- will hold the lighter color in my left hand

The lighter color wasn't dominant for this project. I thought I remembered a "light-right" rule- to hold the lighter color in my right hand but this obviously wasn't correct. 

- will omit the lice pattern on the crown

Was fiddly to work when decreasing.

I really don't do enough stranded projects- I enjoy them. Especially for a small project like this, when you see the design start to become recognizable, it's easy to think "Just one more round.... just one more round..."

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