[gardening] Flowers, flowers, flowers!

More things blooming in the flower beds.

The evening primrose has been so pretty:

Evening primrose

Blanket flower has been a great performer for the past couple weeks:

This blanket flower has been such a good little performer.

It seems fairly dense. I may dig it up in the spring and divide it. I have a couple little spots of sweet william in front of this that didn't bloom this year but will next year. Now that I know how tall sweet william is, I need to move it so it doesn't completely block out this blanket flower next year. I'm going to give a clump away to one of my coworkers.

Speaking of sweet william, it's all starting to brown and go to seed. I've got to spend a day eventually collecting all the seeds to winter sow.

The burgundy asiatic lilies have opened up:

Burgundy lilies are blooming.

The shasta daisies and black-eyed susans are just getting going:

Shasta Daisy

I love how big these daisies are. I should take a picture with my hand in the shot for scale.


This little grasshopper has taken up residency:

So we meet again, little grasshopper.

The sempervivium in the rock garden are sending out chicks. The tall red one here is getting ready to flower:

Succulent garden this morning. The tall red one is going to flower, then die.

Threadleaf coreopsis (aka Tickseed):

Thread leaf #coreopsis.

Stella d'oro daylily. I have two lines of this, one in the front yard, one in the back. I like how light yellow this is:

Stella d'oro daylily

And a new daylily (can't remember the cultivar name) that I planted last year. I bought it at Ollalie Daylily Gardens and I'm going to have so many other new daylilies this year!


Lastly, delphinium that I started from seed two years ago:

#Delphinium so violet.

It is so blue/violet. The petals are edged with a purple that makes the flowers look more iridescent.

I winter sowed these seeds and planted them in the spring of 2014. Last summer, I did have one little stalk that bloomed a bit. This year, I'd say there are about eight flowering stalks. I can't wait to see what these are like next year. They did require a diligent amount of protection/spraying to keep the woodchucks off this spring.

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