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Yesterday I showed some pictures around Quebec City. Today I have pictures of the shows we saw. Saturday night, the same day we arrived, we went to see the Foo Fighters. It rained. A lot. There was a moment when it stopped after the first song and everyone was like, "Yeah! I'm wet but the rain stopped, so let's rock!" The rain started again for the third song. By the fourth song, I was drenched. Like, jumped into a lake fully clothed drenched. I ran for the exit, along with everyone else. They ended up canceling the show after just four songs.

Foo Fighters. It was a little rainy. #feq #best4songsever

I mean, there was a lot of lightning. No one wants Dave Grohl to get electrocuted on top of suffering a broken leg.

I won't go into too much detail about the main show the next night, because it was terrible, suffice it to say that it was worth attending just to see parents grabbing their kids and leaving when Iggy Azalea started "singing". We saw, with our own eyes, a girl covering her ears and running out. We should have done the same. 

Next night, Doobie Brothers and Boston. A few people came for that show:

A few people showed up for Doobie Brothers and Boston. #feq

I went to visit the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec the next day. Great works of art here.

Time for some culture at Musee national des beaux-arts du Quebec. #mnbaq

An afternoon at the museum. #mnbaq

That night, we went to catch a burlesque show down at the port. So much fun- Dollar got pulled on stage to participate.

#spiegelworld #empire #quebeccity

Graffiti Guy in 3D. Spintop on Driftwood and Sanddorn Branch Balance. #spiegelworld #empire #quebeccity

The next night: The Rolling Stones. The show everyone came to see. The gates were opening at 6pm and we got into the queue at 5:45 pm. To say the line was "long" is an understatement. The line went down from the gate, across the street, around a rotary, down to the end of the block and wrapped back around to the gate again. It was the biggest line I've ever been in.

Here were are waiting by a fountain:


Here's an aerial shot with an arrow pointing to where we would have been standing in the above picture:


Who knows, that arrow could actually be pointing to me for all I know.

Once inside, it was just a scramble to get a spot. We had been sitting in the back, on the grassy slope, for most of the shows. We threw our blanket down and took turns visiting the bathroom and hunting for food/beer. This was my view:


No pictures from the show because I was that enraptured. And the stage was so far away, Mick looked like an ant from my perspective.

Just me and 93,000 of my closest friends enjoys the Stones:


We were sitting up by the FEQ sign.


Merci beaucoup. It was so much fun. We'll do FEQ again, I know.

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