[gardening] Late summer flowers

Late summer flowers are blooming like crazy now. I love the combo of coneflower, daisies and black-eyed susans:

I love this summertime trio. #echinacea #shastadaisy #rudbeckia

All three are quite tall and the daisies and black-eyed susans (rudbeckia) are drooping like crazy. I'll be moving the blacked-eyed susans and dividing the daisies. I will have to get some hoops/support for next year. The rudbeckia will probably be move to be behind this liatris:


Day lilies are going- but the deer have become more brazen and have eaten A LOT of the unopened flowers. 

Four #daylilies blooming now! 💐

They've also gotten at the hostas in the shade bed. Partially, I wasn't around to diligently spray everything but it's been so hot, I just don't want to be outside gardening. I have so much weeding to do. 

Threadleaf coreopsis growing well. Will divide next spring.

Threadleaf #coreopsis blooming so well this year. I'm going to divide it next spring.

Only have a few asiatic lilies blooming by the deck in the back yard but they are so fragrant, you definitely get a lovely whiff when a breeze comes through:

Asiatic lily

These should only get bigger and multiply in the years to come.

Gladiolus are blooming:

Lots of new #gladiolus in bloom.

I got a bag of mixed colors and planted the bulbs in April or May. This was my first time growing them. I may go through the trouble of digging them up after a killing frost and drying/saving them to plant next spring. I should probably mark the different colors now, as they bloom, to group them separately.

I planted a little jackmanii clematis root this spring in a pot. About a month ago I moved it to a permanent spot (where it will have full sun but the root ball will stay shaded/cool) and added a wire trellis. It has grown to be about 12 inches tall and there was one bloom:

Planted #clematis vine this spring. Only grew about 12 inches tall and this is the only bloom but looking forward to exponential growth in the years to come.

That's okay- I'm just happy that it survived and took hold. I think (hope) next year it's going to be a lot bigger with more flowers. The birds just love the wire trellis- it's just perfect for their little bird feet to wrap around and perch on. Unfortunately, this means everything below is spotted with bird poop. Sigh- you can see it on the rocks behind the vine. Didn't see that coming. Oh well.

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