[travel] San Diego

After we returned home from Quebec City, I had enough time to do laundry, repack and head out to San Diego, CA for a conference. My hotel was very close to the convention center:

Good morning, San Diego. My hotel room looks down over the convention center. I wonder if there's any leftover stuff from ComicCon.

Very, very close. 

The conference was good. I came many years ago but was put off by how crowed it was- ~14,000 people attend. After the crowds in Quebec, this was a breeze. It was good to connect with people all over the country that I regularly email with but hardly ever get to see.

One afternoon we took a ferry over to Coronado. I got to dip my feet into the Pacific:

Overlooking Point Loma at Coronado. Dipped my feet in the Pacific and then told to get out because the water is toxic after recent rain. I can't wait to be a mutant.

We were promptly told by a lifeguard with a bullhorn to get out, the water is toxic after recent rain. Didn't seem to stop all the Navy Seals in helicopters conducting training exercises further offshore.

Waiting for the ferry back at sunset:

Coronado, waiting for the ferry. The sunsets here don't suck.

Where I am in VT, we don't get spectacular sunsets. It's all hills and valleys- the sun goes down behind the hill and then it's dark. I think the only place to enjoy a sunset around here is either on a mountain top or looking out across Lake Champlain (or other large lake).

My favorite flower, which was blooming everywhere around the city:


Bird of Paradise. It looks like a crane with an awesome orange mohawk. I love these so much- wish I could grow them at home but they're far too tropical.

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