[misc] 4th of July

We had friends over for a BBQ on the 4th followed by a pretty awesome firework display. 

 backyard #fireworks.

I made some yummy rummy Jello shots:

Finishing up the last of the 4th of July Jell-O shots.

Okay, so they were supposed to be red white and blue but I poured in the cream layer when it was still warm and it mixed a bit with the red layer so... red pink and blue. I'll do better next year.

At the end of the night, moths started getting into the house (lights on inside + doors opening/closing as guests leave). I'm a little (A LOT) paranoid about moths in the house. I have expensive yarn that I'm worried about moths devouring. I'll kill any and all moths the come in. "Sorry," I'll say as I do the killing, "Your fault. You shouldn't have come in here." Well, one moth got into the house that made both my sister and I exclaim "OH MY GOD." A luna moth. I can't kill something so pretty, so my sister brought it back outside. It clung to the doorframe:

Luna moth on front porch. Roughly the size of a condor. So huge.

I wonder if it really is as simple as turning on the porch light to attract them. I might have to conduct an experiment- turn on the porch light and see how many different moths I can photograph.

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