[crafts] Gold Toy Lamp

I've seen quite a few spray-painted toy lamps around Pinterest. Here's a great board with many different styles and colors. I love how customizable and fun it looks.


- Lamp base
- Toys
- Spray Paint (I used Krylon 18kt Gold Plate, 2 cans)
- Hot glue gun

I went to the thrift store and bought a bucket of plastic toys for $10. Time to spray paint. Before:

Toys before gold paint.

After (I sprayed one side, waited an hour, turned everything over and spray painted the other side):

Lamp and toys after gold paint.

This was a really good mix of different sized toys. Wolverine was the largest but included in the toys I bought was a baggie of very small pieces- small swords, weapons, tires, hats, etc. This smaller pieces were really useful when it came time to glue everything on and add finishing touches.

The lamp base was also spray painted after the cord was placed into a ziplock bag and sealed with painters tape. I also covered the bulb holder.

Lamp and toy before gold paint.

Then it was time to glue everything on with a hot glue gun. This part took one morning and was exceedingly fun. For the pieces that had moving parts (bendable arms, legs, knees, heads), I added a spot of glue to any joints that I wanted frozen in place. I placed figures, figured out where glue would need to be added, removed the figure, added the spots of glue and replaced the figure into a permanent position.

Once everything was placed (I didn't use about 20% of the total toys I spray painted), to took the lamp back outside for a final spray to cover up parts of the toy that were missed the first spray-through and the opaque glue that were visible.

The final lamp:

Gold toy lamp


Gold toy lamp


Gold toy lamp

Some arms and legs are still movable. Some of the weapons can still be removed from hands. And I didn't realize until it was all done but Boba Fett reclining in Wolverine's lap?

Storm trooper

His helmet comes off!

Storm Trooper

I think it's funny. I left the face unpainted.

This was an easy project. The only thing left to finish is coating the entire thing in a high-gloss sealant. I think that would be the final touch. Oh, and I guess I need a lamp shade too.


Ellen Bloom said...

This is soooo cool!!! LOVE this project! You're very creative.

JoJo said...

That is freaking AWESOME!!!! Seriously one of the best crafts I've seen in a really long time. Total win. That would be the coolest lamp for a parent for their kids' toys as they got older. It'd be killer in a dorm room too.

Steffinie said...

This is beyond amazing! I really want to try this, I think it would be a great gift for superhero fans as well! Do you happen to know where to get a lot of those smaller toys?

amy said...

The local thrift store that I went had plastic bins of the action figures and a plastic bag tied shut with the small items- hats, swords, guns, grenades, loose wheels, etc. I would just visit a thrift shop and see if you can collect a lot of small things from the bottom of the toy buckets/chests and pay one fee for them all. I bet the thrift shop would be happy to oblige.

Steffinie said...

Thanks so much! I'm definitely gonna check out my local thrift shop sometime soon then.