[gardening] Daylilies

I think I might, possibly, get addicted to day lilies. I've had some nice lemony-yellow ones since we move in to the house three years ago. This past spring I divided the six dense clumps into a (slightly irregular) line. They recovered quite well and are blooming better than I thought they would this year:

Day lilies are blooming well after being divided and spread out this spring.

Yellow daylilies

Last year my co-worker divided some of his varieties and gave me a couple different types. Some of the common orange tall (very tall!) that you see at most homes and along railroad tracks:

Orange daylilies

Mixed in (because they weren't marked as different) are these blooming for the first time this year:

Chased a woodchuck away from this daylily this morning.

So pretty. They're much shorter than the orange ones. I think I'll mark them and dig them up this fall and place them together, somewhere else. Just so they don't get lost in the tall orange ones.

Looks like there's a sale coming up at Olallie Daylily Gardens in a couple weekends. I'd love to get some red varieties.

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