[gardening] New sempervivium

I've been adding new plants left and right around my place. A knitting friend divided off some coneflower, iris and a bunch of shade plants for me. I also ordered a bag of 50 sempervivium cuttings from SMG Succulents. They were only 40 cents each! The arrived fast, packaged well and looking perfectly healthy. I plopped them all around my little rock garden- I love gardening tasks that can be done in 5 minutes. They ranged in size from a quarter to a silver dollar in size- quite big for cuttings, if you ask me. Here are a couple:

New Sempervivium

New Sempervivium

It was a very nice selection of different, hardy hen-and-chicks. They'll take it easy in the bed this summer and I think they should perform pretty well next summer. 

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