[knitting] Another Chance of Flurries

Another Chance of Flurries hat:

Chance of flurries 2

Same specs as yesterday (same yarns, different colors) only I made this one a bit longer (longer ribbed brim, longer colorwork before starting the crown).

The most major difference between these two hats is that I switched which hand I carried the contrasting color in. It's a subtle difference. Here's a really good blog post explaining the importance of color dominance when doing stranded colorwork.

I'll put the two hats side-by-side:

Chance of flurries 1 Chance of flurries 2

For the cream hat, I carried the green yarn in my right hand. For the brown hat, I carried the burgundy yarn in my left hand. I noticed that when I made the cream hat first, the green stitches were kind of recessed back into the fabric. I first heard about color dominance years ago from a Lucy Neatby instructional video and it sprang back into my head. It's very subtle with this pattern but the burgundy stitches are more prominent on the second hat because I carried the yarn in my left hand.

The thumbs of my Vespergyle mittens from a few weeks ago illustrates this issue better:

Vespergyle mittens

The thumbs are knit 1 white, knit 1 blue around. But since I carried the white yarn in my left hand, the overall effect is that the white "rises" to the surface (really, the stitches are just bigger).

Something that I'll keep in mind as I find more stranded projects to work on...

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Neicee said...

Wow Loving these hats. Thanks for the helpful links. I am so nervous about two colors. I am going to give it a try also stash busting.