[knitting] Frankensocks

Finished the socks!

Frankenstein Socks

Pattern: Frankensocks

Yarn: Plymouth Happy Feet, green and grey. One skein of each color. Some red for decorating.

Needles: US 2 (2.75 mm)

Notes: My socks are much, much simpler than the original Knitty pattern. Mine are like a pair of stale biscuits and the original Frankensocks are like a 30-layer crepe cake. Night and day. But that's okay. As someone who struggles with socks (love to wear handmade socks, kinda hate making them), I was just happy to finish these.

I had fun stitching the red yarn at the color joins, to make the socks look more "pieced together" and "Frankenstein-y".

Frankenstein Socks

The nice thing was, the more uneven and crooked the red stitches, the better it looked.

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