[vermont] 2013 Maple Open House Weekend

My sister and I went down to Maple Knoll Farm in Springfield, VT this past Saturday for the VT Maple Open House weekend. This was probably the easiest drive we've had to a sugarhouse- the farm was just off a paved road. Yay- no mud to drive through!

A decent number of people showed up at the same time we did. We got a tour of the sugarhouse and I bought quarts of syrup.

The main room with the boiler:


A back room with the reverse-osmosis machines:

Reverse Osmosis Machine

This was so interesting to me. Basically, the same reverse-osmosis method used to purify drinking water (separate the good water from other "stuff") is used for maple sap, only the water is the by-product and you want the concentrated sugars and minerals to move on to the actual boiler.

I was conflicted. Traditional-me thought, "Hmpf. Sounds like cheating to me." Progressive-me thought, "Yay science! Think of all the time and fuel costs saved by using this system." 

The brand of these machines was Lapierre. Maple syrup is serious business to Québécois so I wasn't surprised that this was invented up there. And I like that the primary language on all the surfaces was french:

Reverse Osmosis Machine

In the back-back room were the storage tanks. Everything in this place was spotless.

Examples of animal damage to the lines:

Animal damage to taps and lines.

This was a nice visit and nice farm. Good prices for their syrup, too!

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