[misc] Penny Monday

I was uploading some pictures last night and Penny came to sit on my desk. She watched the mouse move across the screen and when I minimized all the windows, she seemed particularly fascinated with my wallpaper:

Penny admiring Penny

Since she was into it, I Googled "videos for cats" and found a squirrel video:

Penny watching a squirrel video

It will be nice when the weather is nice and warm and I can open up the windows for her. But, it looks like winter wants to deliver one last (I hope) storm this week.

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gayle said...

Years ago, we had a cat who would watch movies with us. As soon as we started up the VCR or DVD player, he'd sit down about 3 feet from the TV and watch the whole thing. It didn't matter what genre - as long as it was a movie, he was right there...