[misc] Mamaface Tuesday

We've got a new family member:


Believe it or not, it's Murderface's mom. She lives across the street, where Murderface came from, and I always, always, always wanted her but Dollar put the kibosh on me stealing cat-napping adopting any more of their pets without prior consent.

Her name is Santana, but... Yeah. I don't really like it. I'll call her that but I like calling her Mamaface.

Murderface isn't sure what to make of it:

Murderface and Mamaface

He has been SO good. They used to live together and they do see each other outside so they're not raising up any hackles or trying to shred each other to pieces. Murderface is a teddy bear- he has no problems with her. She, on the other hand, hisses and growls at him. She has a bit of a mean demeanor, but I'm not sure if it's because things were more crazy and hectic at her old place.

Anyway, she's come into the house a few times to eat. I got her to come in last night and shut the door so she could spend the night. This morning, Murderface was in bed with Dollar and I (as usual) and Santanaface was lying down at the top of the stairs. I think the transition is going well. I gave her and Murderface breakfast and let them out:


I think she's adorable. She has a cute little white smudge on her nose. I hope she comes back tonight for supper and sleepover.

Atlanta last week was good. Got to visit Stone Mountain. Was supposed to move into the new house yesterday but things aren't ready yet. So completely, unbelievably disappointed and aggravated.


gayle said...

I like Mamaface, too. I hope they work things out.
Good luck with the moving! Thinking good thoughts.

Sara said...

I like Mamaface - she is so pretty. Is she yours, totally?

Sorry about the house not being ready yet!!!