[crochet] Catan Afghan

Heading down to Atlanta on Monday morning for a week long conference. We are T - 10 days away from moving and I'll be out of town for 5. I've got this weekend and next weekend to finish packing. Yikes.

I'm bringing yarn and a crochet hook to make as many hexagons as I can during this trip for an afghan:

Catan Blanket

Oh yeah, and Dollar's truck is one gigantic paper-weight. It has trouble running when it's (a) raining, and (b) hot out. So... this leaves only cool, dry days that the thing works. I decided to get a new, used car for me and give him my old one. We're both happier with our new rides.

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gayle said...

Crossing my fingers that your move goes smoothly...
(None of mine ever have, but I have high hopes for you!)