[travel] Stone Mountain, GA

I was in Atlanta last week for a work conference. One day a co-worker and I went to visit Stone Mountain, which is 15 miles east of the city. The concierge at the hotel stressed that it was not an easy place to get to via public transportation and I should really go to the airport and get a rental car if I wanted to go. I said no thanks and we went via train, to another train, to the bus, which was the wrong bus, to another bus, then walked 5 miles in the baking Georgia sun. Perhaps the concierge was right.

Stone Mountain is a large granite outcrop (the largest in the world, I think they said) with three Confederate heros chiseled into the side:

Stone Mountain, GA
Left to right: Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson

It's HUGE.

Stone Mountain, GA

The carving itself covers three acres of the outcrop.

We took an air tram to the top. I was expecting a brisk breeze blowing across the bald top, like when you emerge from the treeline at the top of Mt. Cardigan and you're like, "OOOoooo that's refreshing!" No such luck at this place- you were merely closer to the sun at the top of Stone Mountain. I took many pictures in a 360 degree circle to stitch together into panoramic shots.



And I saw my first ever magnolias:

Stone Mountain, GA

They're HUGE. That blub on the left that hasn't opened yet is the size of a softball. The open flowers are probably nine inches across, tip to tip. And they smelled wonderful.

Atlanta itself was all right. We found some very nice restaurants. I had grits for the first time. I loved it- I think it's just white polenta but I was with plenty of people that love grits and hate polenta. I'm pretty sure they're 99% the same thing but it might be a Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi debate. I also had carpaccio for the first ever. Loved. It.

The kitchen in the new house is almost ready. The fridge sticks out a good eight inches from the cabinets. It looks stupid and I absolutely hate it. I don't hate anything in that house but I hate the fridge. There's no fix. The cabinets around it are 24 inches deep. The frige is 32 inches deep. Cabinet-ready fridges start at 30 inches deep. They can't cut into the wall behind it because it's a load-bearing wall and there's all kinds of important pipes and tubes and things back there. I'm at a loss. Smaller fridges would still be too big. No way to push it back. There's no fix and I'm completely fixated on it. I need to bring Dollar up to the house and have him convince me that it's not a completely stupid, ugly, glaring mistake. Ugh. Sad face sad face sad face.


gayle said...

You just made me go look at my fridge. It sticks out the same amount as yours, and I never noticed. Then again, I use my fridge as a gallery of refrigerator magnets, photos, and small artworks, so the sticking-out part is just more room to decorate.

Jeneric said...

We just redid our kitchen, and yes, the fridge sticks out a few inches from the main cabinets, but NOT from the cabinet on top of the fridge - that's a special unit that is as deep as the fridge (well, just about). It looks normal to me. (We do have a cabinet-depth fridge, but we would have had the same thing with a normal-sized fridge. We went down to a cabinet-depth fridge so the fridge would not project into the doorway.)

Anonymous said...

Stone Mountain was a well-known gathering place for the KKK back in the day. Gotta love the South? Grits are not polenta.