[spinning] Fantom Farm

I have just been spinning because I've packed away nearly all of my yarn (seeing all the tubs/bags makes me 'gulp' and resolve to live a more austere life). I only need 4 things to spin- the spinning wheel, fiber, lazy kate, niddy-noddy. I know knitting ONLY requires needles and yarn but... I don't know, it's easier for me to spin, ply, skein, wash.

I pecked away at 5+ oz of wool and mohair from Fantom Farm:

Fantom Farms

I bought this fiber last October at the 2010 Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival. I love Fantom Farm- they do fun fibers, they have good colors, and their prices are great. Their stuff does have vegetable matter in it, but it's quite minimal and I don't mind picking it out as I go.

The finished skein:

Fantom Farms

Fantom Farms

I like it. The yarn is a little scratchy from the mohair, so this yarn might be used for a hat or a lined pair of mittens.

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