[misc] New House

For the past months and months and months (I'm not sure when we started talking to the bank to get the ball rolling... June?), we've been jumping through all the necessary hoops to acquire a home construction loan. We were FINALLY approved and the building has started. I went up a couple weekends ago (when the weather was nice) to check out the progress on the foundation:

Foundation panoramic

That's the foundation for the house. The attached garage will be at the left end of the house. The right end there is going to be a family room. It's going to have a full basement under the house.

The land has been in the family for... 100+ years, I think. My grandmother sold 99.5 acres to my mom years ago, and that where we'll be. Most of the land is hilly forest, but there's lots of open fields and pastures that my uncle has been maintaining:

Fields panoramic

Here's a picture from back in 2007, looking down at the old farmhouse and barn from one of the fields:

Farm Foliage 6

The new house is going basically where the barn was:

Site work for the new house

Both the house and barn came down. The house currently looks like:

Site work for the new house

It's sad, but it had to come down. It was falling down, no one had lived in it for years, there was black mold growing... We're salvaging stone blocks from the cellar and old wooden beams to incorporate into the new house:

Site work for the new house

Site work for the new house

There's even a little pond:

Site work for the new house

The new house is going to be a modular, delivered in 4 - 6 pieces (probably some time in January). It's going to be a trip moving from "urban" Hartford Village to rural South Royalton but it will be so nice having the privacy. I wonder what Murderface is going to think...


gayle said...

What a gorgeous setting! And it's wonderful that you're going to be able to recycle some of the old house into the new.

Jen said...

How lucky you are! Your land looks gorgeous.