[knitting] Multi-directional scarf

I love buying variegated yarns- all the colors look so pretty and mixed-up in the skein. Then when I go to use it, I usually get pooling. This can happen when the yarn is dyed in regular/precise intervals (usually by a machine) and the knitter doesn't change the stitch count- the same color(s) can stack up and group on top of one another. Let's see if I have an example...

I love the autumn shades of this yarn:

Happy Feet for a Cowl.

But knit up into a cowl, the colors had a tendency to group:

Good Luck Cowl

Not such a big deal for a cowl that sits scrunched around your neck... But still. I gave the cowl to my sister because she doesn't hate pooling like me. It's the bane of my knitting existence (along with knots in skeins).

So what am I supposed to do with all the variegated skeins? How about a multi-directional scarf... The stitch count changes every row, which would prevent colors stacking up:

Multidirection Scarf

I like it. It's easy to customize to whatever width scarf you like. The pattern is fast and easy to memorize. The edges look a little unfinished, so I might go around and crochet a border.

But I think I may have found a go-to pattern for variegated yarns!


gayle said...

I have the same love/hate relationship with variegated yarns. That scarf is a perfect solution - the color changes actually work for you rather than against you!
(The spiraling on your cowl is actually pretty - and you could have have bragged that you'd worked it out on purpose...)

Sara said...

I still like the cowl - even though it does pool ... but love the scarf!

Were you able to drop the hat off at Lois' shop???