[misc] Murderface Monday

Murderface, catloafing on his cat-mat:


He's probably relieved that Dollar and I are going back to work today. I only had last Thurs/Fri off work, but Dollar had the whole week. He tried to ignore us, but it didn't work.


I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. I was still dealing with my allergic reaction to something in those naturally dyed skeins on yarn. I had to go see my doctor and she told me that I had chemical burns all over the insides of my hands. I also had a rash breakout- from the top of my feet to my face. I'm nearly all better now, but I'm still in a continual state of sloughing/molting my top layer of skin. This shit was f'ed-up, for real. The palms of my hands are turning back to a normal human shade- they've been bright red and inflamed for a week. And they felt burned- as though I placed them down in a hot pan. I wasn't able to put my hands in hot water (an upside to all this is that Dollar started doing the dishes, heh) or open bottles. Anyway... it was f'ed-up.

I spun a lot these past couple weeks and have lots of new, pretty yarn to take pictures of.


gayle said...

Just because an ingredient is 'natural' doesn't guarantee it isn't allergenic. The worst allergic reaction I ever had was to an 'all-natural' shampoo. I'd used it in the shower, so I was itching over every square inch of my skin. Itchy to the point that I was scratching holes in myself. Everywhere. Benedryl and Calamine lotion were my best friends for days...
Sending healing thoughts!
(And I love the cat mat.)

Sara said...

Ouch - sorry to hear that you had an allergic reaction!

Just love the cat mat that Murderface has! Who made the pattern???