[hiking] Hurricane Forest Wildlife Refuge

After a rainy weekend, the weather returned to 'unseasonably gorgeous' yesterday. I went for a hike up around the Hurricane Forest Wildlife Refuge (which I think most people just call Hurricane Hill, right?).

Hurricane Forest

Hurricane Forest

Hurricane Forest

Hurricane Forest

The trail got pretty muddy at a few parts and I stepped through thin ice a couple times. I ended up with soggy socks. Oh well, it was totally worth it to be hiking around in a t-shirt in the middle of March!

There isn't a summit, per se. The trail goes up a hill, levels out, then heads back down. No views at the top, other than trees around you.

Coming back down, I thought this was the coolest tree:

Hurricane Forest

It had fallen over at some point... but then kept growing. You go, tree!

Hurricane Forest

It was a good little hike. I like that it's less than two miles from my house.


Sara said...

Oh, boy - another place for me to go!!!

amy said...

I'm trying to do short-ish hikes (~2 miles) w/in a 10 mile radius of home on work nights. I'll go on longer/further away hikes on weekends...

gayle said...

Aren't we getting spoiled with the weather lately? Though I'm trying not to get my heart set on spring. (It's only March. It's only March...)