[hiking] Boston Lot Lake

Tuesday I went hiking up around Boston Lot Lake in West Lebanon, NH. I hadn't been up there in years and it's kind of a trip to hike from the Connecticut River/Wilder Dam UP to a lake at a higher elevation.

Boston Lot Lake

Look at that sky...

Boston Lot Lake

Boston Lot Lake

There were LOTS of trees down from the omgwtf-surprise-hurricane winds we had a couple weeks ago. Huge trees pushed over (roots and all) or completely snapped. There will be a lot of cleanup for the trails crew to take care of it all.

This is a well-marked trail with pretty views.

Boston Lot Lake


Sara said...

You gotta stop posting these gorgeous hiking photos...I wanna go there too - is it as easy as the other one??? I am not a great hiker - more like a walker through the beauty...

gayle said...

Love your photos!
Hasn't the weather been glorious!

Anonymous said...

Meatball loves Boston Lot, as it gives him ample opportunity to jump thru streams and find the muddy spots :-)