[misc] Home

Dollar didn't go to India. He had a very real, very terrifying panic attack at the airport. He's back home. Murderface is happy he's home, he's relieved to be home, I am relieved he's okay. It was a stressful night. Now to find out what the fallout from his work is going to be...

UPDATE: Minimal to zero fallout. People have been really understanding. The ticket was able to be refunded in full. Dollar's getting back to normal and I'm trying to lift his spirits.


Sara said...

Is Dollar okay? That is a horrible feeling! I hope everything works out okay!!! You both are in my thoughts.

And, I know Murderface is thrilled to have his Daddy home!

gayle said...

Glad it worked out okay. I hope he's feeling better - that's such a horrifying thing to experience.