[knitting] Quinn's Surgery

I'm making good progress on my Quinn cabled bag. I was able to knit all of the band on Saturday, graft it together and pick up stitches around for the main body. Here's the front...


As I was knitting along, I flipped the bag over to knit the back and saw that I had messed up. MESSED UP. Look at the top of the back:


On the previous cable round, I had sent the stockinette lines back toward each other (rather than away). I said to Dollar, "Oh [bleep]. I [bleeped] up. I [bleeped] up really bad. It's time for surgery. I'll see you in an hour."

I went into my craft room, dramatically cleared my desk off pushing everything off one end, and put the patient down on the table.

Scalpel, I mean, crochet hook. Check. Cable needles. Check.


The fix was easy enough, just tedious. Pick up 4 stitches 2 rows below onto a cable needle. Drop those 4 stitches down to the cable needle. Reverse the orientation of the 2 purls and 2 knits. Pick them back up. Do this 10 times.

IMG_4892   IMG_4894

IMG_4896   IMG_4897

Here's the surgery 50% complete (with the fixed cables shown on the right):


It was a success and the patient is no worse for wear. Dollar and I celebrated with a bottle of champagne. Which we had on hand for Valentine's Day, but I think it's an appropriate reward for this kind of thing.

And I explained to him why I didn't just rip it all back to the mistake and knit it all over again. "It's like building a 2nd story to a house, finding out you put the windows in wrong and tearing the entire 2nd story down to put the windows in right. You don't have to; just fix the windows."

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