[crochet] Flower Hot Pad

Flower Hotpad

Pattern: Crochet Flower Hot Pad

Hook: G (4mm)

Yarn: Lily Sugar 'n Cream

Practicing to crochet more. I have all kind of Sugar 'n Cream that I would like to use up. I have enough dishcloths, so I'm opting for thick hot pads that can got on the dinner table when I bring out hot dishes.

I did this hot pad in one color, instead of two, because I didn't want ends to weave in. But I think stripes might have actually helped when it came time to figure out where to fold the petals and crochet them down. Also, this is really tight- I would probably go up a hook size for the next one.

I like this. It's pretty and dense but not very... cohesive? The whole thing is held together by 7 points around the center, and 7 points where the petals are attached with a single crochet. I think when I wash this thing, I'll have to take it out of the washing machine when it's wet, refold/reform it's shape and let it dry flat. If I just let it go in dryer, I'd probably end up with a scrunched up cotton bath poof.

This was an easy, one night project. This is only the 4th thing I've crocheted. It's just double crochets to start, then single crochets after that. The only tricky part was figuring out how/where to fold the petals.


Joansie said...

It looks so nice! For only your 4th crochet project, you did a fantastic job!

Sara said...


gayle said...

That's a much more elegant hot pad than the battle-scarred potholders I usually use.
I think you're right to avoid the dryer.