[food] Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving. May your day be filled with turkey, football and Pocari Sweat:

Pocari Sweat

Okay, maybe not Pocari Sweat. This is an "Ion Supply Drink" that I got at H Mart solely because of it's name. The name makes me think of sweat collected from mysterious animals called "the pocari". Or sweat collected from a here-to-fore unknown Amazonian tribe called "the pocari". But really- it's just an drink meant to resupply ions, I guess.

What does it taste like? Stale Alka-Selter drink, if you let all the effervescence go away. Not so yum.

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gayle said...

When my youngest daughter went to Japan last spring, that was one of the drinks she and her friends tried. No one was a big fan...